About Us

Our current staff of Dentists provide Denture Express with a wealth of talent and expertise:

check mark green   Zachary Raffsenberger, DMD (Prosthodontist)

Our on-site dental lab eliminates the middle man Commercial Dental Laboratories with mass production and Outsourcing to China), saves you time and money, and puts you in control of your denture emergencies. Once you experience the expertise and quality of our services, you will never again be at the mercy of an out-source dental lab. They possess little or no knowledge that is required to produce our precision-fit and naturally appearing dentures that you will be proud to call your own "teeth"

At our office the patient, Dentist, and Dental Technician work together as a team to achieve the satisfaction you require.

When you receive services from some commercial dental labs they actually are outsourcing the work to dental labs located outside of the United States. Mexico, China, and Asian countries are known for their cheap labor, and as a result, you, the consumer, receive low-quality products consisting of substandard materials... yet you still pay top dollar. We only use top-quality dental materials which are made in the USA. Our denture teeth and high-impact, unbreakable Acrylic is produced by Dentsply, a leading dental supply company in the United States. Our materials are guaranteed to be manufactured in the United States, which ensures that strict safety guidelines are enforced.

Our staff dentists established a high standard of both academic and technical procedures for the denture outcome. Combining education and experience is the framework of our success.