Denture Repair (While you wait)

check mark green   Overdenture Repair / O-Ring Replacement

check mark green   Mini Implant Denture Repair

check mark green   Denture with Attachments Repair

check mark green   Night Guard Repair

At Denture Express we use a leading brand, high-impact denture acrylic that is one of the best in the world. Our acrylic exceeds the expectations of our patients in both comfort and natural aesthetics. This product is also Cadmium and Phthalate free. We also offer heavy-duty metal wire reinforcement for denture fracture repairs that helps to protect your dentures against future breaks.

Once you print our "Order Form" you will have the ability to customize your broken denture repair order or add additional services, like:

check mark green   Denture Glue Removal

check mark green   Number of Denture Breaks / Fractures

check mark green   Reinforcement of the Denture Fracture with Heavy-Duty Metal Wire

check mark green   Ultrasonic Cleaning and Denture Polishing

check mark green   Denture Repair Warranty

Dentures are mailed back the same day that we receive your broken denture!

Most of our customers order a "Duplicate Denture" while their denture is being repaired because it is so cost effective, essential, and easy to do. Put your worries behind you and order a comfortable duplicate of your original denture today! If your original denture breaks, you will have a spare that is an identical copy of the original. A lot of people even prefer to wear our duplicate denture over their original. No visit to the dentist is required.

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Denture Express has been providing Pittsburgh, PA with expert Denture Repair service since 1985. Denture Express serves all of Pittsburgh, PA, Allegheny County, and surrounding areas!