Duplicate Denture

Put your worries behind you and order a comfortable duplicate of your original denture today! If your original denture breaks, you will have a spare that is an identical copy of the original. A lot of people even prefer to wear our duplicate denture over their original. A duplicate denture will bridge the time gap for when you are without your regular denture while it is being repaired, renovated or replaced. This type of denture is referred to an "emergency denture" because it helps to avoid the embarrassment of being without your teeth, which would prevent you from eating. No visit to the dentist is required.

Our duplicate denture is an exact copy of your original denture; same size and shape. You have the option to change the shade of the teeth of your new denture as well. Duplicate dentures are made of the highest-quality materials and an unbreakable acrylic.

Once you print our "Order Form" you will have the ability to customize your broken denture repair order or add additional services, like:

check mark green   Duplicate Denture Warranty

check mark green   1 Shade Whiter Teeth

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Denture Express has been providing Pittsburgh, PA with expert Duplicate Denture service since 1985. Denture Express serves all of Pittsburgh, PA, Allegheny County, and surrounding areas!