The Denture Express Dental Team:

check mark green   Zachary Raffsenperger, DMD (Prosthodontist)

Making people smile FASTER... Complete dentures in as little as two visits!

At Denture Express, we understand that you simply don’t feel like yourself when you are not able to smile with confidence. We also know that speed matters when it comes to fitting or fixing your dentures and that is why all of our dentures and denture repairs are made in our on-site Dental Laboratory; fast, seamless, and formed to perfection. Denture Express is one of the few Denture Centers with an on-site Dental Laboratory in Pittsburgh, PA, and Allegheny County, including all surrounding areas.

One small office setting... Creating one, outstanding smile at a time

Personal attention to the finest of details is given to each and every denture that we create at Denture Express. Something that you may not know is that you only pay for your services, not for the huge overhead of a large office building with expensive advertising. We are a small business and we do not mass produce dentures and we never cut corners. We guarantee that your denture will look extremely natural and feel as comfortable as it possibly can.

The on-site Dental Laboratory at Denture Express

At Denture Express, the patient, the Dentist, and a Master Dental Technician are teamed up so that you receive the utmost satisfaction during your appointment. Our Master Dental Technician has 40 years of experience in the art and science of denture making and possesses a Doctorate of Medical Denturitry degree. We control the quality of craftsmanship and only utilize materials manufactured in the United States to ensure your safety and health. Our Dental Lab is stocked with the latest advancements in technology and we are equipped to handle any dental emergency, fast, efficiently, and with expert precision. We always guarantee your satisfaction with a written warranty.

Denture Express' dentures

Our dentures are precision fitting; they look natural, feel absolutely comfortable, and are very affordable. Has anyone ever given you a piece of plastic called a "denture" and told you to "get used to it"? Or, has anyone ever said to you, "you need surgery or implants to make your denture fit"? We do it the other way around at Denture Express. "We create precision fitting dentures for your mouth". Always remember that dentures are not products that you buy... dentures are a treatment that you receive. Denture Express will make sure that you are always getting the quality denture treatment that you deserve! That is our promise to you!

The Denture Express Mobile Denture Clinic

Our team of Dentists and a Master Dental Technician visit senior citizens at their nursing homes and senior citizen apartment buildings. Your denture will be complete from A to Z in just two visits... It can't get any more convenient or affordable than this!

Denture Express is convenient!

Realizing that you need new dentures can be frustrating; there is no need to prolong the process of getting new dentures, causing further frustration and embarrassment. Call us now at (412) 261-1010 for your free denture evaluation, consultation, or second opinion. We offer weekend and evening hours to accommodate your busy schedule.

Denture Express is located in Pittsburgh, PA at 355 Fifth Avenue, Suite 624 at the corner of Smithfield Street and Fifth Avenue. Denture Express is located diagonally across from the famous Kaufmann’s clock, (now Macy's), in the Park Building. We pay parking fees during appointments for all parking garages surrounding Denture Express.

Immediate dentures

We offer transitional and permanent dentures the same day as tooth extractions. We coordinate with an Oral Surgeon, in our building, to ensure that your dentures will be waiting at the time of the extractions.

Denture repairs while you wait at the Denture Express Denture Center

Our team of Dentists and Dental Lab Technicians work on-site in our comprehensive Dental Lab which allows us to make denture repairs, denture relines, denture adjustments and partial denture repairs while you wait. Why should you wait for days to have your denture repaired? In a regular Dental Office the Dentist mails your denture to a Dental Laboratory, adding mark-up and time fees. At Denture Express we eliminate the middle man and costly fees and time associated with typical Dentistry. We also provide a same-day-denture, (one day denture) and flipper partial dentures. Denture Express uses state-of-the-art dental equipment and top quality dental materials and denture repair products to repair your denture. We provide Pittsburgh (Pgh.), PA, Pennsylvania with denture repairs, denture relines, denture re-basing, and denture adjustments. Call now for your appointment for any dental appliance repair. (412) 261-1010.

Affordable, nationwide, overnight denture repair by mail


We offer the highest quality, seamless denture repairs, nationwide, by overnight mail. Please print the order form at the top of this website and mail it along with your denture repair. If you do not have access to a printer, please just try to mimic the form the best that you can and write down what you see.

Denture Express has been providing Pittsburgh, PA, Allegheny County, Butler County, Washington County, and the Tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia with expert denture repair service since 1985. The Denture Express Denture Center, located in Downtown Pittsburgh, PA is equipped with an on-site Dental Laboratory, which allows us to repair your denture or partial denture within an hour or less, and at a fraction of the cost of your local dentist.

Denture Express creates stunning, precision fit, naturally appearing, and super comfortable dentures and partial dentures for patients of all ages and walks of life.

At Denture Express we love what we do and it shines through in each and every one of our dentures, partial dentures, and denture repairs. We thank you for your business and continued support.

The Denture Express Dental Team